IGI 3: Origins


Working with one of its subsidiary developers by the name of Artplant, Toadman Interactive is set to release the next installment in the long-running covert ops shooter franchise IGI in 2021. The developer has revealed the name for the sequel to 2003’s IGI 2: Covert Strike too, announcing that it will be called IGI 3: Origins.

Fans of the first two games will be delighted to hear that the development team has one of the original creators of the franchise working with them, but more regarding that will be released in the future.Considering fans have been waiting for this next entry into the franchise for over 15 years, we’re sure we can all wait a little bit longer to ensure we get the best sequel possible.

The game debuted in 2001 and after it’s success IGI 2 came in the market but due to piracy was at peak the time, the studios didn’t make any profit. Later the Studio Innerloop was shut down due to it’s right being sold to another company.After so many years old developer team of IGI decided to give this series another life. They all gathered and got the rights back from the studios Codemasters and made a studio initially called ArtPlant and now they are officially working with ToadMan Interactive.


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